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The following terms of the privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) are by and between BusOnlineTicket Pte Ltd (“BusOnlineTicket”), having its office at JustCo, 5One Central, 51 Bras Basah Rd, #05-01, Singapore 189554 which runs and operates (“Site” or “we” or “our”) and the end-user/customer (“End-User” “user” or “you” or “your”) of the Site. This Privacy Policy shall be effective at the time the End-User accesses the Site. By accessing the Site, submitting information to BusOnlineTicket through the Site, and signing up for using the Site, the End-Users expressly consent to BusOnlineTicket and its affiliates using and/or sharing the Targeting Data to its authorized service providers and other relevant third parties, in the manner described under the Cookie Policy. End-User expressly consents to the use/sharing by BusOnlineTicket of the Targeting Data to authorized service providers and other relevant third parties. By accessing the Site, the End-User expressly consents to BusOnlineTicket and its affiliates using, and/or sharing the End-User Data (as defined below) in accordance with this Privacy Policy, if the End-User does not agree to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy as set-out below, the End-User may not access the Site:

(Collectively, hereinafter the ‘Site’ and the ‘End-User’ shall be referred to as the “Parties” and individually as the “Party”)

1. Interpretations:

In this Privacy Policy (unless the context requires otherwise):

1.1 Any reference herein to any clause is to such Clause of this Privacy Policy.
1.2 The expression “this Clause” shall, unless followed by a reference to a specific provision, be deemed to refer to the whole Clause (not merely the sub-clause, paragraph or other provision) in which the expression occurs.
1.3 The terms “herein”, “hereof”, “hereto”, “hereunder” and words of similar purport refer to this Privacy Policy as a whole.
1.4 The headings are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect the construction of this Privacy Policy.
1.5 Words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa, and pronouns importing a gender include each of the masculine, feminine and neuter genders.
1.6 Any date or period as set out in any Clause of this Privacy Policy may be extended with the written consent of the Parties, failing which, time shall be of the essence.
1.7 Time periods within or following which any payment is to be made or act is to be done shall be calculated by excluding the day on which the period commences and including the day on which the period ends and by extending the period to the following business day if the last day of such period is not a business day.
1.8 Where a word or phrase is defined, other parts of speech and grammatical forms and the cognate variations of that word or phrase shall have corresponding meanings.
1.9 Reference to statutory provisions shall be construed as meaning and including references also to any amendment, consolidation, replacement or re-enactment (whether before or after the date of this Privacy Policy) for the time being in force and to all statutory instruments, orders or other subordinate legislation made pursuant to such statutory provisions.

2. Scope of Applicability:

Please note that privacy of the End-User is important to us. We value the trust of the End-User and are committed to protecting and safeguarding the End-User’s Data (defined below). This Privacy Policy, which we may update from time to time in the manner provided under Clause 8 of this Privacy Policy, describes inter alia how BusOnlineTicket shall use the End-User’s Data (defined below). It also tells the End-User how the End-User can contact us, if the End-User has questions about the End-User’s Data (defined below) shared with us.

The Site provides an online marketplace for the sale of travel services inter alia through its own websites and mobile apps.

If you object to your information being transferred or used, please do not use the website.

3. Nature of End-User’s Data:

When the End-User makes a reservation/booking through the Site, the End-User may be asked the required information including, without limitation:

3.1 Profiling Information: Information, which you provide when you use, subscribe or register with the Site. Information about your identity, including but not limiting to, your name/guest name, nationality, gender, marital status, age, your email address, room preference, meal preference, special needs (if any);
3.2 Financial information, such as, your banking details and any information relating to your income and lifestyle levels;
3.3 Contact details such as your physical addresses, postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers;
3.4 Payment and Account Information: Your account history with us including (without limitation) all billing information and communications, payment history etc;
3.5 Site Usage: Information about your navigation while using the Site, for example the URLs of websites, which you visit and from which you request downloads;
3.6 Transactional Information: Transactional history (other than banking details) about your e-commerce activities;
3.7 Correspondence Information: Content, information about your correspondents, and the destination/origin of communications between you and any other person using the Site, which include email communications, blog, chat room and discussion board communications, instant message communications, experts forum communications, fax mail communications, membership of mailing lists etc.;
3.8 User IDs: Your usernames, passwords, email addresses and other security-related information used by you in relation to Site usage; and
3.9 Stored Information: Data either created by you or by a third party and which you wish to store on our servers such as image files, documents etc.

To make it easier to manage your reservations, BusOnlineTicket may provide facility for the End-User to open a user account on the Site. The user account may allow you to save your personal settings, review previous bookings and manage future reservations.

When you visit the Site, even if you do not make a booking/reservation, we may collect certain information, such as, your IP address, or browser, and information about your computer’s operating system, application version, language settings and pages that have been shown to you. If you are using a mobile device, we might also collect data that identifies your mobile device, device-specific settings and characteristics and latitude/longitude details.

(Collectively, the above End-User’s data along with the ‘Targeting Data (defined below)’ shall be hereinafter referred to as the “End-User’s Data”)

In this regard, it may be noted that inter alia the following amongst others items specified there under shall be governed by the Cookie Policy of the Site: (a) Site usage dealing with information about your navigation during the Site usage, for example the URLs of websites; (b) log information: information, such as, your web request, IP address, browser type, browser language, date and time of request.

4. Purpose of Using End-User’s Data:

Customer Service:
BusOnlineTicket may use the End-User’s Data for providing customer services to the End-User.

Account Administration:
BusOnlineTicket may offer to user the facility to register and open an account on the Site. BusOnlineTicket may use the information you give to BusOnlineTicket for administering the account, allowing you to manage your bookings, take advantage of special offers, and manage your personal settings.

Marketing Activities:
We may also use your information for marketing activities, as permitted by applicable laws, such as, the following:

i. When you make a booking with us or set up a user account, we may use your contact information to send you news about similar travel-related products and services. We also send our End-Users regular newsletters by email. You can opt out, or unsubscribe, from marketing communication at any time.
ii. Based on the information you share with us, individualized offers may be shown to you on the Site, in mobile apps or on third-party websites, including social media sites.
iii. When we believe that a particular offer may be of interest to you, we may decide to make contact with you by phone given at the time of making the reservation/booking through the Site.

Other Communications:
There may be other times when we get in touch by email, by post, by phone or by texting you, depending on the contact information you share with us. There could be a number of reasons for this, such as, the following:

i. We may need to respond to and handle requests you have made;
ii. If you have not finalized a reservation online, we may email you a reminder to continue with your reservation. We believe that this additional facility will be useful to you because it allows you to carry on with a reservation without having to search for the accommodation again or fill in all the reservation details from scratch;
iii. When you have a confirmed booking or offer from us, we may send you a reminder of the booking or the offer via phone or email;
iv. When you use our Site, we may send you a questionnaire or invite you to provide a review about your experience with the Site; and
v. We may also send you other materials related to your reservation, such as how to contact the Site, if you need assistance while you are away, or a summary of previous reservations you made using the Site.

Market Research:
We sometimes ask our customers to take part in market research. Any additional details that you give us as part of the market research will only be used with your consent.

Fraud Detection and Prevention:
We may use the End-User’s Data for the detection and prevention of fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities or disclose the End-User’s Data if required as per the applicable laws.

Improving Our Services:
We may use the End-User’s Data for analytical purposes, to improve our Site, enhance the user experience, and improve the functionality and quality of our Site.

In certain circumstances, we may share the End-User’s Data with third parties, such as, the following:

User’s Bookings:
In order to complete your booking, we need to transfer relevant reservation/booking related End-User details to the bus, train or ferry operator you booked with.

BusOnlineTicket’s Local Site’s Office:
In order to support you during the reservation/booking process and throughout your stay, your details may be shared with any of the group companies of BusOnlineTicket. Your information might also be shared with other members/services providers to the Site/group companies for analysis to provide you with travel-related offers that may be of interest to you and to offer you a customized service.

Third-Party Service Providers:

We may use third-party service providers to process the End-User’s Data on our behalf for the purposes specified above. To further elaborate in this regard, we may use service providers to send the reservation/booking information on our behalf to the operator you booked through the Site, or we may instruct third parties to contact you. When a reservation/booking requires it, we may also work with third-party payment service providers to facilitate payment or payment guarantees. We also work with third-party advertisement networks to market our Site on other platforms, or involve third-party providers for analytical purposes. These third parties involved in any of these services will be bound by confidentiality agreements and will not be allowed to use the End-User’s Data for any purposes other than those specified above.

5. Use of End-User’s Data on Mobile Devices:

We may provide free apps for a variety of mobile devices and use versions of our regular Site that have been optimized for mobile. These apps and mobile websites process the End-User’s Data in a similar way as our Site does and they also allow you to use location services to find suitable bookings for the End-User.

6. Use of Targeting Data (defined below) for Retargeting:

The Site may utilize (i) a tracking pixel (such as, a smart pixel(s) or managed pixel(s)) (“Pixel”) placed on certain page(s) of the Site to collect relevant information from the Site and to set a cookie on the browser of End-User(s), (ii) browser stream data of End-User(s) to the Site or (iii) other non-identifiable / non-personal information of the End-User (collectively, hereinafter referred to as the “Targeting Data”) in accordance with the Cookie Policy of the Site (the latest version of which shall be available on the Site) (“Cookie Policy”).

7. End-User’s Data Security Safeguards:

i. In accordance with the applicable laws, we observe reasonable procedures to prevent unauthorized access and the misuse of the End-User’s Data.
ii. We use appropriate business systems and procedures to protect and safeguard the End-User’s Data given to us. We also use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions for accessing and using the End-Users on Site. Only authorized personnel are permitted to access End-Users in the course of their work.
iii. End-User data required for booking purpose, including but not limited to IC No, Passport No or Driving License No. will not be kept and will be deleted after the departure date.
iv. Prohibitions on Minors:
The Services offered by the Site are not directed at minors (as more specifically provided for in the General Terms and Conditions of Site usage). The use of Site is only allowed with the valid consent of a parent or a guardian.
v. Contact:
You always have the right to review the End-User’s Data we keep about you. You can request an overview of your End-User’s Data by emailing us at Please write “Request For End-User’s Data” in the subject line of your email and include a copy of your identity card to help us prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the End-User’s Data.

If the End-User’s Data we have for you is incorrect, we will update it at your request. You can also ask us to remove your End-User’s Data from our customer database by sending an email to [ ] with “Request for removal of End-User’s Data” in the subject line. However, where you choose to remove your End-User Data, we may not be able to provide you with access to the Site for making reservations/bookings. We may also need to retain certain information in accordance with applicable laws, for legal or administrative purposes, such as record keeping or to detect fraudulent activities.

8. Amendment / Modification:

BusOnlineTicket reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time with or without any further notice(s) by uploading the revised Privacy Policy on the Site and it is the duty of the End-User to keep itself aware of the revisions to the Privacy Policy of the Site.

9. Limitation of Liability:

The Site will not be liable for any damages of any kind, including without limitation direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with the privacy policy, the facility provided on the Site, the transaction processing facility, the inability to use the facilities provided on the site including the transaction processing facility, or those resulting from any services purchased or obtained or messages received or transaction entered into through the Site beyond the value of the last transaction carried out by the end user through the Site.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

This Privacy Policy is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. The courts in Malaysia shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Privacy Policy.

11. Miscellaneous:

The Parties acknowledge and accept that electronic format shall be deemed an acceptable means of communication for the purposes of this Private Policy.

This Privacy Policy constitutes the complete and entire agreement between the Parties on the subject of ‘privacy norms of the Site’ (save and except the Cookie Policy) and shall supersede any and all other prior understandings, commitments, representations or agreements, whether written or oral, between the Parties to this Privacy Policy.

If any provision of this Privacy Policy shall be found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or enforceability shall not affect the other provisions of this Privacy Policy, which shall remain in full force an effect.

In no event will any delay, failure or omission (in whole or in part) in enforcing, exercising or pursuing any right, power, privilege, claim or remedy conferred by or arising under this Privacy Policy or by law, be deemed to be or construed as a waiver of that or any other right, so as to bar the enforcement of that, or any other right, power privilege, claim or remedy, in any other instance at any time or times subsequently.